We are a socially aware technology company based in Toronto, Canada.

Recent Projects

Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is a system designed to track and protect people in a pandemic situation such as COVID-19.We are working on building and deploying privacy focused contact tracing apps within organizations to protect their workers allowing companies to maintain everyday operations.

Our systems build on top of what has been provided by Apple and Google and respects the users’ privacy. The core of the platform is built and powered by low energy Bluetooth technology while anonymizing user information and tracking their symptoms.

Weather Prediction

Will you need an umbrella today?The answer to this simple question is often elusive. Our ensemble model tackles weather prediction by aggregating information from climate models. The new models use machine learning to augment traditional physics based equations to account for increased unpredictability due to climate change.

Traditions physics based models are augmented with Machine Learning. Better predictions will facilitate methods to monitor climate change and measure the effects of emissions.


Born West Inc. is a socially aware technology company with a female founder. Our mission is work at the nexus of art and technology. We are building our technology team in the heart of Toronto, Canada along with starting out with our own podcast.We are also working on designing next generation human computer interactions along with varied neural network designs. Some of our current projects include building connected experiences as well as experiments with machine learning and AI.Come say Hi!

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