We are a socially aware creative technology company based in California.

At our core, we are driven by a mission to harness creativity and innovation to shape a brighter future for all.By putting people first, pursuing excellence, embracing growth, and applying truth in action, we empower our clients to drive progress, define outcomes, and navigate the future with confidence.

Empowering Progress, Shaping the Future

Our Partnerships

Pioneering with L'Oréal

For over five years, we've been at the forefront of innovation with L'Oréal, crafting groundbreaking consumer experiences in the health and wellness ecosystem. Our standout projects include MySkinTrack, the world's first battery-free UV sensor, and Rouge Sur Mesure, a revolutionary custom lip shade creator.Our partnership with L'Oréal transcends the typical vendor relationship. We work seamlessly and agilely, deeply integrating our teams to meet L'Oréal's unique customer needs. As one of their premier partners, we are dedicated to continuing this successful collaboration, united by a shared mission to deliver cutting-edge products and exceptional user experiences.

Elevating Social Imprints: A Partnership in Innovation

For over five years, Born West has been the driving force behind Social Imprints' technological transformation. We crafted a bespoke platform tailored to streamline their production processes and boost productivity, enabling them to secure business of all sizes.Our journey began with a dedicated team building the foundation, and despite some transitions, our partnership has only grown stronger. This year, under the visionary leadership of Rishav, we've deepened our collaboration, bringing innovative product design and strategic insights to the forefront.We believe in putting the product and customer experience first. For Social Imprints, technology is a vital element where we excel. We're proud to be their go-to partner, providing unparalleled support and expertise to help them thrive.

Collaborative Partnerships, Transformative Results

Through close collaboration with leaders and founders across industries, we create scalable brand systems and products that leverage emerging trends and technologies to unlock your brand's full potential. Our multi-disciplinary approach seamlessly integrates strategy, creative, and technology to deliver brand experiences of the highest caliber.

Elevating Your Brand, Inspiring Your Audience

Partner with us to elevate your brand, inspire your audience, and make a lasting impact. Together, we'll craft digital experiences that resonate, endure, and propel your business forward.Discover how our commitment to excellence and innovation can help you achieve your goals and shape a better future.

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